CR Ocean Engineering

The Croll and Reynolds families have been working in the American industrial field since 1917.     For the last 70 years they have supplied thousands of exhaust gas cleaning systems to industrial plants.

The third generation of these families are now focusing on the marine business, supplying exhaust gas cleaning systems (scrubbers). The company is known today as CR OCEAN ENGINEERING® and it is represented in Italy by Stelio Bardi Srl. CR OCEAN ENGINEERING’s design of scrubbers are proving to be very popular due to their small dimensions, high funcionality and durability.

On 1st of January 2020, MARPOL regulations came into force imposing a severe reduction of the sulphur level in the vessel’s exhaust gas. The new rules have been a challenge for the world fleet  who must now use low sulphur fuels or install exhaust gas cleaning systems, commonly  known as “scrubbers”. For this second option, we can help in the design and supply of CR OCEAN ENGINEERING® systems which have the following technical features:

  • high quality materials with low thickness;
  • welding technique tested and certified by many years of experience in scrubber technology
  • reduced weights and dimensions;
  • discharge tower completely interchangeable with the silencer;
  • dry-running and without by-pass;
  • high level of automation easy to use.

The CR OCEAN ENGINEERING® systems are installed on many vessels worldwide and are available in various versions such as open loop, close loop and hybrid.

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