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Stelio Bardi Marine Technologies has been active in the field of marine representation and consultancy since 1989 through its structure known as Stelio Bardi. This favourable development came about due to Stelio Bardi’s good sense to introduce to Italy products which were, until then, unknown. Stelio Bardi began his business activity in the maritime sector in 1971 as an engineer officer, and from 1977 to 1989 he worked as a sales engineer for a major Finnish/ Swedish diesel group.

Today it represents many companies in the marine field, selected and tried over the years, and with which it has established a solid foundation of trust and collaboration.

All the sales managers are not only seafarers with experience in navigation and shipyard, but are also naval architects, engineers and captains, comfortable and familiar with purchasing offices, technical offices or with ship-owners’ inspectors.

Stelio Bardi Marine Technologies is representation in the world of shipbuilding combined with technical consultancy. For more than 30 years, shipyards, shipowners and technical studios have been turning to us to obtain the best solution at the best price for:

  • The most modern technologies related to ecological installations such as:
    • physical/chemical, biological and advanced membrane-based vacuum collection and sewage treatment plants
    • bilge separators
    • dry and wet waste collection and treatment plants, grease filters
    • ballast water sterilisation plants
    • scrubbers and wash water filters
    • catalytic converters
  • Deck machinery
  • Integrated electrical solutions
  • Cold Ironing technologies and equipment
  • Kitchens, buffet areas and laundries
  • Innovative and traditional materials for fittings: lighting, panels, vinyl flooring, interior and exterior doors, watertight doors, lifts and escalators
  • Underwater inspections
  • Impressed current antifouling and anticorrosion systems – Sacrificial anodes
  • Spare parts and maintenance for propulsion and auxiliary equipment and many more

The role of the agent in the global trade era

Why do foreign companies choose us to work in the Italian marine market when the Web has changed the way of selling? It’s because we know the market well, we normally meet with the people in charge of technical and purchasing departments, and we exploit the synergy between the products we represent. This saves time, travel and costs.
And what about the customers?
They appreciate both the proposals already targeted to their needs as well as the suggestions for the correct sizing and application of the systems. It means simplifying the work, having a single technical and commercial reference for many of their needs and receiving prompt answers.

In other words, we are the facilitators and mediators between the diverse mentalities and needs of those who sell and those who buy, fostering mutual trust.



Advanced sewage treatment plants