Saajos Group

Saajos Group, which includes Saajos OY Finland and Saajos AS Estonia, is a company that has been active for decades in the marine market producing fire-rated doors for the safety of passengers and crews onboard.

Saajos’ range includes C, B15 and A60 class doors and B15 inspection hatches for cruise vessels, ferries and all other types of vessel.
Doors produced by Saajos are available in various types: single hinged or double, single sliding, swing and for public toilets.

Saajos’ products are appreciated for their quality and competitive price level.
The production is divided between two Saajos’ premises: A60 hinged or sliding doors and B15 sliding doors are manufactured in Finland with B15 hinged doors and C class, inspection hatches B15 class and sliding door in C class made in Estonia.
The doors can be supplied with a wide range of accessories, included automatic systems, with painting carried out in-house to ensure control over quality, cost and delivery time.