Wastewater Collection and Pump Systems

Stelio Bardi Marine Technologies, thanks to thirty years of experience gained in the wastewater collection and treatment sector, designs and supplies integrated systems made up of installations produced by various principal companies. All the proposed integrations are created in order to reduce the design and installation time by the Shipyard and for an optimal use of space on board.

For example, it is possible to have the vacuum plant interconnected to the sewage treatment unit on a single frame. It is also possible to include storage tanks and sludge tanks. As soon as it is created, the unit, complete with piping, isolation valves, control panel and electrical connections, is tested and shipped. Once installed on board and connected the interfaces to the ship circuits, the unit is ready to be started.

Same “plug and play” concept can be applied to:

  • gray and black water collection and pump tanks, made of both fiberglass and stainless steel, with or without disinfection of the collected water.
  • System for collecting, crushing and pumping sludge from the main treatment of advanced sewage treatment systems, or from food waste collection installations.

All the systems supplied are assembled and tested in the factory, under the Quality Control Management System UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.