Daechun – leader in the production of multicore tubes

Our Principal Daechun is leader in the production of multicore tubes, a bundled tube tied together, required in many fields such as shipbuilding, offshore, petrochemical plants, power generation and many others.
Multicore Tube is produced in Daechun’s state-of-the-art facilities with the latest available technologies, and it can be manufactured in stainless steel, copper and copper alloy, according to your needs. It is fit to transport liquid, gas, or process/impulse lines.

The product can be used for Valve Remote Control (VRC) and deck machinery remote control line systems, fixed gas detection and pressure sensing lines, firefighting system control line and many other applications. T
The coils are produced continuously (up to 1.200 mt), without intermediate joints or connections, leading to advantages such as reduced fitting connections, reduced installation and inspection time as well as space saving. The tube is protected from outside shocks by a triple sheath and a filler system.

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