One partner for all your needs

Stelio Bardi Marine Technologies is organized into 6 Business Units aimed at specific areas of the market:

Ship Buildings

New buildings and conversions


New buildings, refits and aftersales

Interior Outfitting

Components for partitions and outfitting

Pipes and Fittings

Pipes, fastening systems and modular dunnages


Spare parts and service for cargo and passenger ships

Land Market

Environmental solutions for buildings and mobile applications 

Wheelhouse pilot chairs and workstation seats for ships and cranes

Design and turn key supply of galleys, bars, self- service counters and laundries

Push-fit drainage stainless steel pipes, Internal and external scuppers and channels Grease separatos/digesters. A60 watertight penetrations without welding.

Exhaust gas scrubbers and washwater filtration systems

Incinerators, bilge separators, sewage treatment plants, hydrophores, boilers. Helicopters, tenders and jet skis refuelling plants.

Deck machineries, anchors, chains and mooring fittings.

Homogeneous and LVT PVC floorings certified for marine application. Technical and decorative complementary products

Watertight and heavy duty sliding doors available also with A60 and Ex Proof certificate.

Black water vacuum collecting systems Biological sewage treatment systems

Elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators.


Rolling shutters for shops, counters, bar, etc.


Metallic ceilings with cassettes and panels and customized according with customer drawings


Weathertight and watertight hinged doors and hatches made of steel, aluminum and GRP. A60 watertight hinged doors.


High Efficency Led Flood lights for ships and cranes

Fire rated hinged glass doors and fixed windows with aluminium frames, fire rating up A60
Sliding glass doors with aluminium frame, B15 fire rating class.

Sandwich panels, very light, B0,B15 and A60 fire rating class. B15 Extension screen.
Pullman beds.

Stabilized platforms for beds, billiards, surgical tables and more

Hydraulic oil purifiers also suitable for Bio-Oil treatment