Blücher Metal AS

Blücher Metal A/S is a leading Danish company in the production of stainless steel pipes and accessories for “Europipe” black and grey water drainage systems, both for gravity and vacuum systems.

The numerous technical advantages of Blücher’s products are the reason why they are chosen to be installed on board of all types of vessels: cruise ships, ferries, mega yachts, offshore and navy vessels.

Blücher pipes have a manual push-fit connection system and can be supplied in different lengths and diameters. Blücher also produces all relevant pipe accessories, such as bends, branches, reducers, adaptors, watertight penetrations with or without welding, thanks to an innovative approved system. All these products are fire certified and offered in both AISI 304 and AISI 316L.

In addition to the piping system,Blücher offers different types of scuppers that can be used for different applications, such as deck areas, showers, hygiene cubicles, kitchens and pantries. The scuppers, thanks to a wide range of interchangeable components, cover all types of installation; as the watertight penetrations can be installed with or without welding, both for steel and aluminum decks. All types can be supplied with or without water trap and with an upper grid proposed with different patterns also customized.

Blücher also has different types of channels according to different needs and applications: channels for galleys, laundry and external areas or various designs for shower channels which are often the best choice for installation on mega yachts and cruise vessels.

Another interesting product also manufactured by Blücher is the grease separator/digester, available in different sizes according to the number of daily meals. The addition of enzymes, manual or with an automatic dosing unit, helps to decompose and reduce accumulated fat.