Cee-Bee is a touchstone brand for those who use vacuum pipes descaling products that must be effective, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly.

Stelio Bardi Marine Technologies has been specializing in vacuum sewage collecting plants and vacuum pipes since 1989. This long experience has enabled us to provide solutions and advice for a wide range of issues associated with this critical equipment.

Black water vacuum pipes naturally suffer from calcium scale formations which are very hard to remove. Using an effective non corrosive chemical cleaner on a regular basis helps to prevent blockages in the pipes and helps the entire system to work properly.

Better to be safe than sorry!

This has been our slogan for 20 years. This has been our slogan for 20 years . If you have scale or blockages in your vacuum lines or you want to prevent them, we can help you with tailored solutions. Typical services we provide include:

  • We take an overview of your piping plan and we propose effective eco-friendly chemical products, including the correct operating instructions.
  • We supply automatic descaling dosing machines
  • We do Boroscopic inspections on vacuum lines together with the ship’s crew to review the cleaning progress and enhance their understanding of the system

The Cee-Bee descaling product we supply is well known in market under the name of Honey Bee.

In addition to descaling products, Cee-Bee supplies safe and environmentally friendly powdered or liquid enzymes helpful to clean sinks and showers scuppers. The product name for these enzymes is Drain Cleaner.

Honey Bee and Drain Cleaner are distributed by Genova Engineers srl which is the official service station and spare parts warehouse of Stelio Bardi Marine Technologies.