Safety doesn’t allow compromises!

Wheter you are an owner, a shipyard or a designer, it is very likely that you deal with watertight doors. Stelio Bardi knows them very well. We represent IMS and we want let you know it through our website.

The watertight sliding doors are of crucial importance for the safety and the functioning of a vessel. IMS produces doors of the best quality and have several versions to respond to different structural applications. The offer from IMS varies from the door that is usually installed on a bulkhead with a conventional sill to the door with flush sill that facilitates the easy passage of operators and vehicles.

The doors are available in A0 and A60 fire class, and also with Atex certified components.

Each project has specific needs and IMS can meet them with different solutions: waterhead up to 40 metres, electric, electric-hydraulic or completely hydraulic operation. The electric operation is possible through a dual-drive motor.

IMS doors are easy and quick to install and are supplied with all necessary bridge and emergency controls. Their service is always provided by high skilled and professional staff.