Jets® Marine

JETS VACUUM AS have been producing vacuum collection systems since 1986 and have been represented by Stelio Bardi srl since 1989. The development of JETS® on board sanitary systems was truly revolutionary and is now the reference point for designers, shipyards, shipowners and a market leader.

The Vacuumarator® pump was invented and patented by JETS® and it is the heart of the JETS® system. A reliable vacuum generator with 3 functions built-in one single machine: collection, maceration and transfer of sewage.

The JETS® Vacuumarator®pump is available in various sizes, from 5 to 1200 persons, it always ensures an optimal level of efficiency and reliability for any application.

Vacuumarator® pumps can be supplied stand alone or as modular vacuum units from 2, up to 4.

JETS® also provide a range of vacuum toilets and urinals in vitereous china or stainless steel.

Not only sanitary installations! JETS® can also offer:

  • MBBR biological sewage treatment plants
  • black and grey water collection and pump units

JETS® Ecomotive® black and grey water sewage treatment plants are of the moving bed biofil reactor type with a UV light sterilisation process. Ecomotive® systems have been designed in cooperation with Oslo University and are certified by the IMO, with the aim of producing environmentally safe sewage water suitable for disposal.

JETS® also design and produce black and grey water collection and pump units for any on board use. Units include stainless steel tanks, centrifugal pumps with a vortex impeller and all relevant accessories.

Not just machinery and components! In cooperation with JETS®, Stelio Bardi srl can provide all the necessary technical support for the correct sizing of your system and its relevant components.

Whatever you need, JETS® is your best choice.