OY Lautex AB

Oy Lautex Ab is a company specializing in the production of suspended ceilings both for marine and civil sector.

One of our principals since 2009, Lautex® provide standard or complex solutions depending on the needs onboard.

Lautex® supply steel and rock wool B0 and B15 class panel ceilings for corridors and cabins. They also supply aluminum or steel C class panel or cassette ceilings for public areas.

Panels and cassettes can be completed with various accessories including inspection hatches, customized plenum and various type of perforations for air conditioning, and for acoustic absorption improvement.

The Finnish supplier has the unique ability to deliver their products in a wide range of possible finishings such as anodizations, paintings, and digital prints according to customers’ samples.

Lautex® were established in 1951 and are certified to ISO 900, and are a reliable partner for ceilings onboard.