Müpro GmbH

Müpro Gmbh is a German company specialising in the production of supports, fixings and clamping systems without the need for welding in the construction and marine industries.

In order to develop specific solutions for the marine industry, a dedicated division, Müpro Maritim was created. Müpro Maritim with headquarters in Hamburg, takes care of all activities related to ship building, including certificates issued by classification societies.

Müpro Maritim systems allow for great flexibility and adaptation to any type of situation, and enable considerable savings in terms of weight, installation time and labour costs.

Müpro Maritim’s technology is particularly aimed at the creation of modular structures and supports for pipes or installations, both ceiling and dunnage, with a focus on robustness, vibration reduction and ease of modification on board as no welding is required

In addition to its very wide range of collars in two halves, in galvanised steel or in stainless steel 304 or 316L, always accompanied by different types of gaskets with anti-vibration and noise-reducing functions, Müpro Maritim also manufactures modular profiles and supports for the creation of dunnage or substructures, which are extremely durable and adaptable to any edge requirements.

Müpro Maritim has also developed an innovative clamp for direct attachment to the bulb: without having to weld any pins or build any structures, a threaded rod can be attached directly to the clamp to support, for example, support profiles, pipe collars or other accessories.

Müpro Maritim also provides assistancein the customised design of specific areas on board and the identification of all necessary components.

Müpro Maritim has been part of our principals’ portfolio for the past 10 years and has proved to be the ideal supplier for any type of fixation requirements.