Optimarin is a world leading company supplying ballast water treatment plants.

The Optimarin ballast water system was the first to obtain the USGC (US Coast Guard) type approval. It has been on the market for 20 years and retains its original features!

A simple system to use, based on filtration and UV disinfection, it operates without chlorine or other chemical substances. This removes the need to store chemicals onboard or make adjustments for variations in sea water salinity.

The system is fully automated, has low maintenance costs and can be operated in both IMO or USCG mode.

Optimarin ballast water systems are compact and adjustable according to the available spaces on board. They are installed with excellent results on any type of vessels and can be fitted to new buildings or retrofitted to vessels in operation.

With Optimarin you will find a solution for all requirements including ATEX systems installed in pump rooms or for tankers, on deck inside a container.

3D scanning and project engineering are important and complementary services that Optimarin can supply as a turn key solution.