Pocadel OY

Stelio Bardi srl have been representing Pocadel OY for over a decade, a Finnish company specialized in aluminium fire-rated doors for cruise vessels, passenger ferries and mega yachts.

Pocadel produce B15 hinged, sliding glass doors and fixed glasswalls, A60 hinged doors and fixed glasswalls. In addition, class C elements can be supplied in order to complete the fire-resistant doors.

Among Pocadel’s strong points there is the possibility to supply high sound reduction B15 doors and glasswalls. The supplier’s specialty is the ability to supply certified large size doors including “Tandem”, a B15 class sliding door, that theoretically allows the installation of an infinite number of leaves, and therefore covering openings of any width. Tandem doors can be provided in both manual and automatic versions, the latter is recommended when the number of leaves carries a substantial increase of weight. The leaves can then be “recessed” on one side or divided on two sides depending on space available onboard.

The high quality of the product and the accuracy of the service make Pocadel a reference in the marine market. Their continuous development of innovative solutions makes our Principal appreciated by architects and outfitters, interested in new solutions.
Pocadel, who count the most important shipbuilders in the world as its customers, use aluminium profiles to ensure the best aesthetic results.

The development of the solutions required together with customer, while always respecting the rules of the sector, is an essential part of the service offered by Pocadel and carried out by Stelio Bardi in the smallest detail.