Rustibus AS

Descaling the large surfaces of your main-deck is easier and safer with Rustibus!

Removing old paint and rust to prepare the surface is often a time-consuming and weathering operation. If you want to do a clean but above all quick job, switch to Rustibus chain pickers; you will immediately appreciate their qualities.

The high speed rotating chain drums remove all layers of old paint and rust, and is the best method to prepare metal surfaces such as open decks, cargo holds hatch covers and garages for new coatings. The machines are available with electric, diesel and pneumatic motors and also with ATEX components. With Rustibus you will find different machines for every need and for surfaces of all sizes. Quality and durability is guaranteed by a company with over 40 years of experience! Rustibus originates from Dalseide Shipping services, specialising in mechanical supplies in the shipping industry, founded in 1978 in Austevoll. We are in the Norwegian fjords, where ancient seafaring traditions have evolved into modern technologies and products of undisputed reliability. Translated with (free version)

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