SBA Interior OY

SBA InteriorOY,established in 1985, is a well-known Finnish company with 130 employees who manufacture fire-rated sandwich panels and various type of beds, sofas for cabins and other furnishing accessories. These products are manufactured in their new, extended premises using completely automated plant.  

Their range includes panels for B0, B15 and A60 bulkheads, inspection hatches, B0 and B15 ceilings.  

B15 class 50 mm panels are also available with high sound reduction.  

In addition to standard 25 mm and 50 mm thickness for B15 class, SBA Interior have developed an innovative panel in B0 class, that is only 16 mm thick, very light (only approx. 11 kg/m2) and sturdy.  

A60 50 mm thickness panels are used to create non-structural divisions in A class such as pantries, lockers and laundries. The structural features of the panels allow finishing in areas without steel bulkheads, insulation, supports andcoatings, drastically reducing the installation time and the weights of A class partitions. It is quick and easy to carry out modifications with SBA panels while at sea as well as completing transformations and retrofits.  

Panels can be used also for A60 ceilings. All SBA panels can be coated on request and they are also available with digital print finishing, a technique that allows the creation of very aesthetic bulkheads with no limit of subjects or colours.  

SBA Interior produce various models of cabin beds such as pullman beds with the possibility to digitally print on the visible side of these beds, B15 ceiling beds and convertible sofas. Owners appreciate SBA’s beds for their sturdiness and durability.