Service and Distribution


Stelio Bardi Marine Technologies has been active in the service and distribution field throughout its own structure known to all since 2005 with the name of GENOVA ENGINEERS.

The services provided today are many:

  • JETS® Authorized Service Station and Parts Warehouse. Overhaul service of pumps and toilet mechanisms – On-board interventions and sea trials.
  • Supply of Cee-Bee Maritime environmentally friendly chemical products for the descaling of the vacuum lines and the cleaning of scuppers in showers and kitchens.
  • Spare parts and service for Bioepuro ISIR, DETEGASA and Biocon Techni sewage treatment plants, for ISIR Pyrall and DETEGASA incinerators.
  • Design and supply of waste and gray water collection and pump systems for other applications.
  • • Exclusive distribution of Bergo Flooring, Blücher Metal, Müpro Maritim, Wagene Purifiner and Wave International products
  • Exclusive distribution of JETS ™ vacuum collection systems for civil applications.