Shore Link

Shore-Link is a highly innovative engineering company, leader in its field, founded to provide tailor-made, state-of-the-art technical solutions for port power and shore-side charging to all types of ships.

Founded in Tallinn, Estonia, with a vision to take a leading role in sustainability and the adoption of new technologies to make the maritime industry ‘clean’, Shore-Link has become a founding member of the European Onshore Power Supply Association and has extended its range of products and services dedicated to providing customers with the necessary power cable management and automatic ship mooring systems.

Shore-Link’s strengths are its wide range of products for all types of vessels and its ability to tailor solutions to meet customer needs Shore-Link products fall into both the low and high voltage category, fully compliant with IEC 80005-1/2/3 standards.

Shore-Link’s greatest asset is our dedicated staff, experienced in providing the best solutions and competent support to our customers.