Techni S.A.

Techni S.A. is a Greek company based in Pireaus specializing in the treatment of ship’s wastewater. It is represented in Italy by Stelio Bardi Srl which takes care of its sales and service on board.

Their main products are the “Biocon” sewage physicochemical treatment systems for black and grey waters, efficient, compact and inexpensive. The units are built in stainless steel and can be supplied in four sizes with capacity from 2.500 to 55.800 litre/day of hydraulic flow and biological load from 1,32 to 29,80 kg of BOD5/day. All models follow the same principle and the same technology, are easy to use as they are completely automated, are insensitive to load variations and have low operating and maintenance costs.

Biocon units are MED 96/98 CE approved by DNV in accordance with IMO regulation MEPC.227(64). Techni is ISO 9001 certified.

In combination with the Biocon units, TECHNI can supply grease separators for the pre-treatment of galley wastewater.

The flexibility of the company also allows the production of complex and customized systems according to the customer’s needs. For example vacuum units, pumping units and sludge storage tanks can be integrated on the same skid, in order to make installation on board easier.