Stelio Bardi – My experience with Gotaverken engines

Having finished my career as an engineer officer in the Merchant Navy, in 1977 I was hired as a sales engineer by a company dealing with marine engines and was given responsibility for the sale of spare parts for the Swedish Götaverken engines.
There were then several Italian ships equipped with this 2-stroke propulsion engine with an overhead exhaust valve.
I had never dealt with these engines, but I had studied them at nautical school and they were considered complicated but robust and reliable.
As with almost all engines built between the 1930s and 1970s, Götaverken engines were designed and built by the shipyards of the same name, and in some cases, also by others under licence
The first oil crisis triggered the decline of the large Swedish shipyards and consequently also halted the development of these engines, production of which ceased in 1974. Götaverken continued to build engines for a few years, but under licence from B&W.
I carried out the task with passion and the experience gained in the sale of spare parts is now the heritage of our company, which has continued this activity with Skandiaverken.