Filter solutions offer peace of mind for marinas and boat owners

There are many ways in which poor quality water can get on board vessels, whether from the initial water source or from hosepipe connections on the dock. The result can be crew and guests being exposed to waterborne bugs via the hotel services on board, such as showers, or water used in food preparation, ice or drinking water.
Many marinas are choosing to fit water filter systems on their docks to ensure that clean water is taken onboard. Fitting a system such as the Flostream Dock Filter provides peace of mind for their customers and berth holders.

Once onboard though, bugs can still develop in a vessel’s water tanks, so many major boat manufacturers ensure they maintain pure, fresh and clean water by using Wave International’s Flostream water filter systems. These compact units are fitted in key areas, such as in guests’ cabins, in the galley, in ice machines, deck showers and onboard jacuzzi.

These multi-media filters from Wave International remove many of the contaminants found in water such as harmful bacteria, heavy metals and minerals including calcium and limescale. As well as removing all harmful contaminants, the Flostream significantly improves the taste and smell of water onboard by reducing the taste of chlorine and removing other odours.
Stelio Bardi Marine Technologies is the Italian representative for Wave International products. Click here for more information.