Blücher grease separators

Food preparation wastewater contains fats that are not readily biodegradable and pose a higher risk of pipe corrosion: separating and retaining the grease before it enters the pipe system, reduces this risk.

Blücher Grease Separators are a modern evolution of the traditional grease trap: water and grease enter the first chamber where they meet the first wall, forcing the flow downward; due to its lower weight, grease then rises to the surface in an optimal environment for water/grease separation. The second wall holds the grease in, while the wastewater gets out of the outlet pipe from underneath.

The digestion media can be added to the separator either manually or automatically: the enzymes start to “eat” the fat, ensuring longer intervals between emptying the Grease Separator.

Blücher Grease Separators come in 4 sizes: contact us to choose the size most fit for your needs! Visit our website!